V Happy: A Midweek Reminder That Happiness Is Always There (#8)

Art piece of the week: Artist and title unknown.

People often talk about the “secret ingredient” or “key” to many things in life — success, achievement, wealth, relationship — the list goes on and on. But when it comes to happiness, I think it’s very simple. In fact, if there has ever been a “secret” to discovering happiness, I think it is simplicity itself. If you can appreciate simplicity, then you’ve discovered the gateway to happiness. I choose the word “discover” because happiness seems to be an illusive mystery to many of us, although it is right in front of us, available and ready to be uncovered, witnessed and felt. We only need to be present enough to feel what is always there.

Happiness isn’t an abstract concept. For a lot of us, I believe the challenge we have with understanding happiness is that we’ve intellectualized something that can only be felt, and therefore we have missed it entirely. We have complicated simplicity beyond recognition. I believe happiness is a feeling that we experience when we actually allow ourselves to see what is right in front of us. It’s not that we can’t or don’t know how to feel good, but that we don’t allow ourselves to relax into it. When we do give ourselves permission to relax, even for a moment, we can marvel at the beauty of the world. Through the light we see, through the smells we inhale, through the tastes on our tongue, through the textures we touch and the emotions that touch us, the beauty of the world is a sensual experience. A moment is all it takes to feel the joy and appreciation that comes from the presence of beauty.

Take a moment to recognize Happiness. Make it a long one.

With love,


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