Music Videos

'Too Fast' Lyric Video


Written, recorded and produced in Fiji.
Finished with a touch of glitter and a lyric video in Colorado.

Opia EP Visualizers

Fiji, 2019

OPIA (n.) the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can simultaneously feel invasive and vulnerable.
Written, recorded and produced in the Fiji Islands.

'Mortal' from Firebender EP

Atlanta, 2018

Official music video for 'Mortal' by Vivian
Filmed by William Linton | Directed by Vivian
Body paint art by Magdalena O'Connor
Featuring Jaycina Almond

Welcome to Gaia's Garden

Los Angeles, 2016 and Atlanta, 2017

The Gaia's Garden live sessions began as the dream of a live concert within an art garden devoted to unconditional love and a celebration of feminine energy. The first showcase in Los Angeles featured the wonderful artist Mereba. Conceptualized and built by Vivian in Downtown Los Angeles, Gaia's Garden continues to expand its mission. Read Galore Mag's profile on Vivian's vision and the making of Gaia's Garden.

'Gaia' from Flowers EP

Malibu, 2015

Official music video for 'Gaia' by Vivian
Filmed by Haley Appell | Directed by Vivian
Set Design by Vivian

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