V Happy: A Midweek Reminder That Happiness Is Always There (#7)

You know how we get closer to what we want? By being thankful for what we already have. No, really. There’s plenty of quantum science behind this, but you can study on your own time. Today I’m here to talk about Play. Just for fun.

Play is the quickest way to tap into that extra yummy feeling of gratitude that keeps us grounded in our present reality. Appreciating the current flow of our lives for what it is can help us to be more aware of the beauty in our surroundings. In a world where it’s so easy to succumb to the infinite distractions thrown at us through the media on a daily basis, one could even go as far as to say that gratitude and presence are radical acts.

Many people find that play is not a priority in their lives. It often gets bumped from the to-do list by a zillion other things. Sometimes, we’ve been so busy that we can’t remember the last time we played. Don’t be so focused on checking things off that you forget to have fun along the way. What you want is already on its way to you, so do yourself a favor and have the best time while it’s getting there. Just enjoy where you’re at. You can always reevaluate if you’d like to worry more later on, but for now, enjoy not knowing. We’re never going to have the answers before we need them anyways, so you might as well assume that if you don’t know yet, then you don’t need to. And hey, isn’t this a good a time as any to go outdoors and find some sunshine? It’s okay. It’s going to be okay. Slowly but surely, begin to unravel that distrust of life itself so that new possibilities can be revealed in your reality.

So, have you played this week? Connect with what you loved to do when you were a child. What did that look like for you? For me, it was dancing exuberantly to Madonna’s “Ray of Light”. Sweat yourself silly at that dance party. Go to the park. Take a moment to notice the small details. Breathe in the vibrant colors, the unique flavors, the intriguing textures, and the unfelt emotions. Take it all in and let it move you. You already know that life is short. Don’t forget that it’s precious, too. Now go schedule some happy detours and spontaneous adventures. Add that to your to-do list.

With love,


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