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V Happy: A Midweek Reminder that Happiness is Always There (#11)

film photograph of the week by Nathalie Basoski.

Sometimes life down here feels like tripping over your own feet and smacking your face on the pavement. Usually that abrupt and all-too-familiar sensation comes on the heels of a stupendous flight, soaring beyond what my imagination thought possible. But I’m learning how to be at peace with the natural way of things, the rhythm of it all. I can accept the cycle of highs and lows because this is what it is. You know something? The sparkle always returns. Every time.

It’s amazing how brilliant experiences coincide with jarring ones, and so, our ability to fully enjoy our time here is quite intimately linked with our capacity to hold both ends of the spectrum. We can’t have one without the other; there is no light without its loving darkness. I’d like to perceive them as one entity, more than two sides of the same coin. One fluid thing, perhaps it’s only thing we know for sure. A dependable unity, even in its unpredictable nature. Life in this ever-expanding abyss is paradoxical consistency.

I think that creating real change in our world is only possible in partnership with hope. It’s a matter of power versus force (shouts to Dr. David Hawkins). It’s about remembering to breathe through anger, pain and fear to reunite with peace. Power is the calmness that allows you to be with the bigger picture and to see the path we must walk to befriend harmony. Force is that wall of resistance we built just to try to run through it. I’d like to be in my power so I never have to force anything. I want to be in my power so the flow can carry me to where I’m meant to go, to who I’m meant to be. Let’s continue becoming, together.

With love, Viv

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