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V Happy: A Midweek Reminder That Happiness Is Always There (#10)

Art piece of the Week by ARTC Piece of Mind Morocco.

Listen. Put a pause on everything for a moment. Just for a moment, breathe deeply. In and out, in and out. Get quiet so that you can hear your heart. There is a rhythm inside of you that is keeping you alive. Listen and feel, listen and feel.

I want to remind you of two very precious perspectives: life is long and life is short. The western world is suffering from a collective anxiety that is a systematic result of the ways we have architected our experience of life itself. Every generation and society must have had their own anxieties with the violence of war, economic chaos and survival itself. And now, our generation is dealing with the impending doom of the planet we call home and the consequences of severed relationships: human to human, and humanity to (our inherent) nature. So boom, anxiety.

We all get dealt a hand. How do you want to play? It saddens me that so many young people in their teens and twenties are anxious and overwhelmed by the unknown of what their life will look like. Why do we need to know? The only given fact is that today, we’re here. But what is it about the unknown that we distrust so deeply? What makes it so hard for us to trust ourselves? Why is it so hard to accept that existence is a mystery?

We have filled our time and our space with distractions, false idols and plastic successes. Our time and our space — the two most valuable resources we have, no matter how much of either one each of us has on this planet. What we choose to do with our time and space is a determining factor of our experience. We are craving fulfillment, but not the fleeting kind that you can buy or flex on the ‘gram. We are craving a fulfillment of the heart.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter how much time we have or what the plan is. That’s kind of none of our business. No matter where we find ourselves, we are always exactly where we are meant to be. We have to be! We’re here! The bigger picture has a plan of its own. It’s already happening and we are already living our life’s purpose. We’re just a little late to the party. Or maybe it’s a surprise party, and Life planned it just for you. Can we learn to find the joy in surprises?

The whole purpose in being alive is to love and be loved. As humans, our work is to heal any blockages in the way of that core soul purpose. So focus on your healing and empower your community to do their healing. We need to nurture and be nurtured. Your job is to listen to your heart and act accordingly. Choose courage as your ally and live a full life, not a fast life.

We are right on time. You are right on time.

With love,


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