artwork by Lauren Kerr

V Happy: A Midweek Reminder That Happiness Is Always There (#3)


Everywhere you go, you bring your energy with you. In every place that you find yourself, your presence literally shifts the dynamics of that space and the environment around you responds to your presence. You can change your style or experiment with your look, but your energy is the one thing that you always carry. And you, only you, are the caretaker and the carrier of that energy.

It’s an obvious fact that we often forget and yet it’s monumental. Remember that each of us is experiencing an entirely unique reality as a result of our individual perspective. When we remember that each subjective reality is the simple result of an energy exchange between the individual and the world around them, we reclaim our personal power to shift our experience. Many of your most impactful contributions to the world happen in the most subtle ways amidst the ins and outs of daily life. All the seemingly small moments when you choose to share kindness, generosity, compassion or joy are like drops of water in a vast pond. They create a ripple that touches people you may never meet and reach to places you haven’t seen yet. These exchanges of energy change the very fabric of our collective experience.

If you are reading this right now, then you exist. And if you are here existing, then you deserve to be living a full and varied human life. You matter. If you ever feel small or insignificant, remember that this too shall pass. Feelings come and go with the seasons. Amidst life’s inevitable changes, may you never forget or underestimate the power of your presence. The impact of you moving through the world is far greater than you could ever realize. We simply don’t have the perspective to accurately sense the part we each play in the bigger picture, but we are all parts of one whole humanity and the little things go a long way. I promise it wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you for being here.

With love,


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