Artwork by Alexis Franklin

V Happy: A Midweek Reminder That Happiness Is Always There (#1)

Artwork by Alexis Franklin. 

Week one.

I have no idea what this column is going to turn into. Just like everything else in life, I suppose that’s the whole point.

Life. What a loaded arrangement of 4 letters. The journey as I see it is a collection of waves and choices. The waves will always come and go, calm and storm, in and out. They bring with them endless possibilities and outcomes. These waves are inevitable because they are the fabric of life itself. But choice is how we play our hand. You get to choose how you ride the waves. There are big ones and small ones, and fast ones and slow ones. You may catch them or you may let them pass you by. Some of them will whisk you away unexpectedly from time to time, but that’s part of the flow.

In this game called Life, we have to take risks and make our moves to find out what happens next. I used to be intimidated by the unknown, but now? Man, it’s 2018 and all the crazy that has ever existed is clowning about at the circus. When the chaos comes to threaten my peace, I have to ask myself, “am I really going to surrender my hope and joy in these critical times?” Fuck no. Every moment matters and I am unwilling to settle for fear. Life is simply too precious. There is a place of balance that exists somewhere within all of this movement. No matter what happens, I trust that if I can take deep breaths and keep my heart open, I will continue to grow along the journey.

You deserve to reach your full potential. Take what is and make it even greater. Go play on the fun side for awhile. Choose to focus on everything that can go right. The more you shift your attention to see the good things and imagine the infinite possibilities, the easier it becomes to trust the flow. The thing is, when you choose to live your best life and share it with others, more people get to see that choosing joy is still a possibility.

Expansive gains only. Even when it hurts.

With love,


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