Dinner Party by Terrace Martin

An Album Review and the Emergence of a Super Group: Dinner Party’s Debut

There’s a new super group on the horizon and they’re serving us the Dinner Party of our dreams on a golden record.

Formed by Terrace Martin, Kamasi Washington, Robert Glasper and 9th Wonder, the group’s self-titled debut project arrived on July 10 at the perfect time. These musical greats joined forces to gift us a collection of jazz-soul fusion songs that feels like an answer to this year’s prayers. The 7-track project is an exceptionally pure, throw-open-your-windows-on-a-Sunday breath of fresh air. It’s the kind of sound that could only arrive from the culmination of lifelong friendships and the ineffable glow of band geeks all grown up.

Martin first met Glasper at jazz band camp in 1996. The two came up with the idea for this album while touring together and called Mr. Washington to the table. Martin and Washington met in high school jazz band back in 1992. In the video for the stand out track “Freeze Tag,” the comfort of their shared history brings an easy joy to the recording of the Los Angeles studio sessions.

Now, we mustn’t forget to give our absolute thanks to Chicago singer Phoelix, whose voice tells warm stories of resilience and love lived through the unbreakable bond of brothers bound to the music. With 9th Wonder’s classic production, there’s a twinkle in our ears that conjures the soulful relief we’ve been waiting for. Shake your shoulders, absorb those glittering saxophones and bang that beat. Then run it back and bang it again.

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