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Vivian Laurence

Oh yeah, welcome to the good stuff.

Schedule a session with me for a 1:1 truth-telling heart-to-heart. We'll dive into whatever is asking to be expanded or realigned in your life.

We can meet for:

  • A chat about topics I cover in my articles, like the Love & Sex column or themes of self discovery, awareness and transitions.
  • A consultation to answer any questions about carving your own path, discovering a passion, developing your creative practice, or building your confidence as an artist.
  • A strategy session where we can talk about running a business, finding new revenue streams, the roadblocks you're running into, nurturing successful teams, and how to position yourself or your brand.
  • A "tangible support" session to tackle a project or goal that you're working on. We can brainstorm, plan, process and edit.
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