"Mortal" music video

out now on vimeo

The visual for Firebender EP's single "Mortal" was filmed by Light Lair in Atlanta, Georgia.


Firebender EP

visuals by Light Lair, 2018.

Gaia's Garden

live sessions


Gaia's Garden began as a dream ... of an art garden devoted to unconditional love and the empowerment of feminine energy. Conceptualized and built in Downtown Los Angeles, Gaia's Garden bloomed in LA and Atlanta.


Gaia's Garden Los Angeles, with Mereba. Performed live on May 20, 2016.

photograph by Franklin Mendez. film and production design by Light Lair.

Gaia's Garden Atlanta. Performed live on March 28, 2017.

live performance by Vivian, Andreas Sosa, Luis Gonzalez, and Debra Killings. Audio by Willie Linton, videography by Tim Daust.


original song from the debut Flowers EP, 2015.

music video premiered with Galore Magazine, 2016.

filmed by Haley Appell in Los Angeles. creative direction and set design by Light Lair.